Trident Realm by MiSiO (Mich Cie)

I know You might have seen those before of FB but decided to make a post here too.

Those are not all my units. I have to take some more pictures of units like Heartpiercers, Gigas or Nokken. I also might post some WIP pictures too.



Very nice! I like Wyrm Riders the most :slight_smile:

@Swordmaster I wish they were more useful. I might use their services soon as I try to be flexible. More I play 3.0 the more I like it. It is no longer a game where units die to a single charges so units like WRs or Water elementals perform way better!

Besides loosing SP9, WRs with +1CS cost 260 points which is tolerable… They were better in 2.0. Better and cheaper :smiley: They can also work with Blood of the Old King ans 1-2 knucker support…



awesome, lovely colour scheme, great models well painted and sweet bases for them.

They look great! I agree the wyrmriders are fantastic, but my special compliments on the artillery (what are they called again?) and the Nokken as well! Also your photography skills, very well done!

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Leviathan Banes.

Absolutely gorgeous, Mich. :slightly_smiling_face: