Trident realm Thuul's

Am just starting a Trident realm army and (almost) finished some units.

Regiment Thuul

2 Thuul mystic’s

2 Knucker’s

And a Thuul to be determined ( unit filler i guess)


Mindflayers! Such an obvious counts as I never considered it :sweat_smile:

Squiddos look excellent, good choice of sculpts too. For the umber hulk, maybe a Depth Horror Eternal?


They look fantastic!

Where did you get the thuul from? I’ve looked for alternatives but have had no luck.

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Tnx ,
was my first tought aswel , squid people are cthulhu monsters or mindflayers.
and found this set and liked the models a lot because of the poses

the crab / umberhulk could indeed be a dept horror ethernal but i found such great models for them that i prefer the ones i found. Shamblers and trawlers from bestiarum Miniatures.

They scream horror from the dept.

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Thank you,
the main bulk of the unit are from a set called Depth One Reavers from the artisan guild. if you are looking for them. and used a few single models from loot studio from different sets. mostly the heroes

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What a marvelous set of miniatures. I’ts almost like I had them in my hands personally only yesterday!

Looks great, mate. thanks for sharing here.

Found some time to finish my first dept horror