Trying to build a Rebs list

Messing about with the rich tapestry of models I have access to for rebs and currently have:

2 troopers
2 snipers (could use as troopers) could make one a commander
1 Gorgon with cannon
1 Sorak w/ blaster
1 Simian Brawler
1 Strider
Eddak / Yndij commander
1 Kraww
1 Engineer
2 Yndij troopers
1 Drone
1 Teraton
Adrienne / Sphyr Lancer
Possibly 2 Zees if I can be bothered.

Is this even vaguely good. Hoping to have a mix of punching, shooting and AP


Looks pretty balanced and solid, my dude! Now that you have that sort of list, I recommend you tailor one to how you would really like to play it.

For example, my GCPS list is like that, very balanced but limited to the minis in the Deadzone starter box, alright? Well, once I got that out of the way, I made one with a focus on grenade launchers, comm-links and aerial deployment rangers.

It didn’t win me many games but at least I get to do my favorites, deploy around my enemy and bombard it with artillery, as much as I can with about 7 minis on the table, haha!