Turbo Dork dry palette in EU, or something like it

As the title suggests…

I’m interested in the silicone Turbo Dork dry palettes… Or something similar. I can see generic silicone paint palettes on Amazon, but I’m not sure what the quality is like.

Palettes – Turbo Dork

Essentially, I’m looking for an easier cleaning option with my speedpaints. The silicone style palettes should, in theory, just see the paint pop off, or at least be easier to clean.

If anyone has any suggestions that will avoid shipping from the US or UK, ideally, I’m all ears… (EU customer).

I was wondering if I could just use silicone baking moulds, or silicone ice moulds.

since last mentioned are cheap you should just try it and see if it works before you shell ouit a bunch of cash for something you may not need.

The DIY version of these are silicone fidget toys, which are cheap and easy to get from Amazon (at least in the US): Amazon.com

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