Twilight Kin

Looking to start Twilight Kin for Vanguard, but I’m a little confused when it comes to profile names. Anyone got the equivalency for the list? Thoughts on if it should be FAQd to match names a little better with KoW 3?

A similar question is how I found this forum actually. Here is what I have for King of War, hope it helps a bit bit for your vanguard question.

2e > 3e [which list]
Spearmen > Kindred Tallspears [elf]
Crossbowmen > Kindred Archers [elf]
Buccaneers > n/a
Shadows > Kindred Gladestalkers [elf]
Reaper Guard > Impalers [TK]
Blade Dancers > Blade Dancers [TK]
Gargoyles > Cronebound Gargoyles [TK]
Lower Abyssals > n/a
Heralds of Woe > Silverbreeze Cavalry [elf]
Dark Knights > n/a (Cronebound Abyssal Horsemen qua base size not stats)
Abyssal Riders > Cronebound Abyssal Horsemen (different base size but more similar stats) OR Cronebound Fiends (same base size, different stats) [TK]
Darkscythe Chariots > n/a
Twilight Bolt Thrower > Bolt Thrower [elf]
Twilight Dragon Breath > Dragon Breath [elf]
Hydra > n/a
Archfiend of the Abyss (with wings) > Cronebound Archfiend (now on titan base) [TK]
Dark Lord > n/a
Dark Avenger > Elf Prince [elf]
High Priestess > Summoner Crone (different spells) [TK]
Army Standard Bearer > Army Standard Bearer [elf]
Assassin > Twilight Assassin [TK]
Ba’su’su > n/a
Ba’su’su’s spawn > n/a

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Very helpful! That leaves all but one sorted, and I’m thinking an Executioner would just be a character perhaps

Executioner could be an Impaler from the Twilight kin list. The CS1 on unit profiles (like the Impaler) generally means they have a double handed weapon.

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