I just thought this was a great post that deserved to be shared here too!
(ain’t no way I’m going to find it on failbook anyway!)


Great stuff, he must have had a decent amount of free time on his hands to manually record all the dice rolls in four games though lol.

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I’d be curious to see what method UB uses in its code to determine random numbers.

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that’s our Nick for you, but as Stewart Lee said “you can prove anything with facts!” :wink:

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I can’t believe it’s 2020 and people still believe dice rolls are skewed. This has been a solved problem for, like, decades. Thanks, Nick, for fighting the fight, anyway.


without knowing which RNG method UB uses, yes there is the possibility of an error, just because some people like to keep it easy for their number generator instead of using a proper method.

so good to know that someone did the math and everything is fine


As long as they’re using a decent seed and not using anything outside the builtins it should be fine.
Most generator algos are vetted before inclusion into standard libs.

Then again I’ve seen people coding things so that they remove the pseudo random aspect… :roll_eyes: