UK Clash of Kings Tournament

From the forum survey results there weren’t a huge number of regular tournament players here, but interested to see who else is going to CoK next weekend?

Running these guys - KoM and Basilea

Footguard Horde with IW and Brew of Strength
Footguard Horde with IW, 2HW and Elite
4 Pike Regiments with IW
2 Berserker Troops
Peg Wizard with Boomstick
Mounted Wizard with BC and Inspiring
Peg Hero with IW
BSB with Lute
2 allied Ogre Palace Guard Hordes
Allied Priest with BC

15 drops, 30US


Good luck! Looks like you’re representing

The list looks competitive - punchy, high US and some tools. But a decent list to face off against from the other aide of the table too.



I’ve got a reasonable idea what I’m doing with it, has some decent anti cavalry counters and enough me3, CS attacks to hurt. Flyers and lots of shooting could hurt, but we’ll give it a go.

I’d have run halflings if I’d had an opportunity to play them in advance - it’s a list that looks like it needs finesse and the last time I tried that at an event without using the list it didn’t go well!


Good luck! Wish I could go but alas. Hope you get some good games in.

The list reminds me a bit of one on Dash28 except with the allied palace ogres to give it more punch.


Yeah, the mainline stuff is solid.

I could run 3 generals on winged beasts rather than the ogres and the peg hero, which would probably make it a “better” list - but less fitting my play style which is usually "slow and violent " :wink:

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I will be there too, with my Forces of Nature.


Forum grudge match?

Not against @Edzig !!

I want better than 10% chance of winning my first game :wink:

[I’ve played him a couple of times with different lists and I haven’t been beaten by a nicer opponent!]


My Nightstalkers are packed and ready to go…

Scarecrow horde
Reaper reg x2
Phantom troop x2
Shadowhound troop
Butcher regiment
Horde of Fiends
Planar Apperition
Horrors X2

My prediction… bottom third.
Really looking forward to getting stuck in though!!