UK People. Bargains at Warlord games!

Over at wahlud gams they have the following at half price. Probably more for UK people but those in the EU you can decide if it is worth it.

Basilean booster,

Armada Rules,


Acrylic bases,

KoM card deck,

go go go

by Grabthar’s Hammer what a savings!

i picked up the armada rules and KoM fleet pack. not really planning to get into armada any time soon but figured this sale was a good place to learn more about it.

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wise move at that price it’s worth getting the rules and seeing if it’s for you I’m not a big boating fan but black seas/armada is a solid set of rules without being fussy.

Thank you for the heads up, I had been thinking about extra sets of dice, and this was perfect to pick some more up.

I think you will enjoy the Kingdoms of Men, good fleet upgrades and I feel McHardy is the best captain in the game.

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