Ultimate multi base configuration for chariots (IMO)

I have been working on my Orc chariots. With the changes to Skulk Chariots (and archer chariots I. Other lists) in the recent Clash of Kings, I was keen to find a way to flexibly build:

*Heroes (1)

  • Troops (2)
  • Regiments (3)
  • Hordes (4)
  • Legions (6)

I believe singles (1) + Troops (2) are the ultimate combo. With the addition of a few magnets (my first go at these) I have a set of Chariots (3 regiments in total) that provide the ultimate flexibility. The photos below demonstrate what can be achieved with two regiments.

Tip: be super careful to get the polarity right when using magnets! :man_facepalming: At first my Orcs kept jumping off!!



I did the same for my mincers and it works fine!


Really good ideas. Those GW chariots are far too big to create a 3 chariot regiment on the correct base size, so creating a troop with the two infantry guys who are going to get mown down by the scythes is brilliant. And appropriate for orcs. Iā€™m totally stealing that idea :+1:
I also love teem minzer (sic) Vince

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