Undead 1k for a beginner

Hi all been a tabletop gamer for years with all the usual gw d&d etc. I am looking at starting up kow as been watching some videos and looking for something new.
I like the udead ad its something all new to me for a new game.
So would this be a good starter list to purchase to gwt me going.

Skele hoard, sword and board.
Mummies regiment
Mummies regiment
Wights hoard.,sword of striking
Necromancer, surge
Liche king, heal, shroud of the saint.

As im brand new i dont know much but, to me skeles as anvil getting king to heal. Wights are a hammer, and mummies to plug gaps. All should be able to stick around with regen and heal. Help would be greatly appreciated as would love to gwt into the hobby over the holidays. TIA


I have been painting and playing mantic Undead since 2015, here is my feedback:

Skeleton horde.
Many people claim zombies are more points efficient while doing a similar task. But the skeletons are not far off. Plus the skeletons are very nice models to paint (agrax earthshade loves mantic skellies). I would claim that spears are a better choice than basic weapons though, because of all the benefits Phalanx has.

Solid, no reason not to take. Nice to paint as well.

Good unit, nice models, although metal and therefor very heavy. Almost to the point that I would suggest finding some plastic or resin models to proxy as Wights. Or go for plastic wraiths instead, as they are also good and have higher mobility.

Lack of Inspiring is a problem, otherwise decent

Liche King
Solid choice

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Thanks for the advice.
Would dropping the wights down from hoard to regiment, adding the talisman to the necromancer for inspiration, and then a troop of zombies or ghouls make a better mix?

Or to swap the skeles for zombies and take the talisman?

The 1st option gives more units but less hammer. The 2nd might play more into the zombies are just more efficient.


As @FredOslow already said, al lot of people choose Zombies over Skeletons. I think on a non tournament level it’s down to personal taste. I like them both, got a Zombie legion and skeletons as regiments.
I think, you should maybe start with a regiment of wights anyway. Build them so, that you can add another one later for a horde.
Mummies are cool, a troop of ghouls can be nasty in a flank.
Good thing wit KoW undead is, there are no unplayable choices. Everything can work. Have fun!


Hi Ghostscore ,

@FredOslow has a lot of decent advice. To add my couple of cents:

a) I’d take skellies (either spear or sword n board) over zombies since they are much nicer to paint. But that’s a personal preferrence, I suppose.
b) I would most certainly take two sources of inspire/surge in a shambling heavy army like this. Lich king + necromancer /w inspiring talisman is one option.
c) double mummies are good (@MistakeNot used hers to kick my ass last time we battled), but they are a lot of investment in a 1,000 point army. I see where you are going with the heal/regen/lifeleech, but it’s a lot of point investment for relative little offensive power.
d) Wights are good. Very good. Even so good that I wouldn’t include a full horde in a 1,000 point army. Either your opponent can handle them, leaving your army without a serious damage dealer or your opponent cannot handle them.

I’d advise against including units of more than 220-ish points in 1,000 point armies for reasons of balance and fun.

So my alternative to your army would be:

Horde skellies
Necro/inspiring/ surge
Mummy regiment
Zombie troll horde (for slightly more hitting power than the mummies)
Wight regiment (instead of horde - see above)
Lich king, heal (6) instead of surge, shroud of the saint

and 80 points to spend. I’d use them on a troop of ghouls(great chaff) or regiment of death pack (idem, and much easier to model) with small change to spend.

Edit: I wrote some stuff on the undead army at the start of 3rd ed. Some of it even holds up now. (there’s 3 post all totgether)