Undead Army 2k+

Hi all,

I posted a wip of these skeggies a while back on one of the monthly painting topics but never got round to starting a dedicated thread. So, a few years later, here goes.

Before I get into it however, I must say there is some absolutely amazing work on this forum, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed catching up on 3 years of all your hobby progress. Very inspiring stuff, my thanks to you all! :slight_smile:

So, on to my Undead. I’m not a fan of zombies, ghouls, werewolves, vampires etc in general, so this army was always going to be a more traditional Bones and Spirits type. After extensive research, I settled on the Warlords of Erohwen, now made by Warlord Games. If you’re wanting a classic look, I would highly recommend these mods. They’re a bit fiddly though, so a little patience is required.
The paint scheme was as follows:
Brown undercoat XV88
Drybrush layers with an Army Painter Strong Tone wash in between -
Karak Stone
Flayed One Flesh

I did them all as one big batch, building and painting. Never again. I think regiments are the best size to work on now, after doing this.
Many photos to follow, I won’t post them all as I have 300+ wip shots haha, it was mostly done during lockdown so it definitely helped keep me sane (Edit: define sane…). As I’ve been reading through other posts I’ve seen a lot of similar stories, so hooray for the hobby!
Joe :blush:

(EDIT: my phone is low on storage so the photos will follow at a later date, hopefully I’ll remember over the next few days (workworkwork))


Laptop to the rescue. Warning, pic heavy.



That’s a lot of skellies! But they look great all ranked up, very classic fantasy menace :skull:

Very nice skeletons! They could easily be used as a KoM army, too!

Impressive! I like the classic topos…

Love the masses of Undead marching across a muddy field! That would be fun to see on the table.

Thanks guys! I still have a long way to go on this army but it’s a start :slightly_smiling_face:

some really nice work there.

Very nice.

Love the Perry(?) conversions for heroes etc.

Cheers guys! The Perry conversions were a lot of fun to do, and really easy too. I held back on doing them all like that, I think it would have been overkill. Plus my ocd wouldn’t let me have duplicate heads in that unit. Some of the Perry heads have the face cut out, to try to represent an empty helmet. They’ll be used for either Revenants or Soul Reavers, I plan to do another 3 reg of them.


Oh I adore them! Very nice, especially the Skeleton Knights.

Love the Wargames Atlantic Skeletons. Best on the market in my opinion.

I did two hordes of them and seeing your pictures makes me ponder doing another couple.

Great work and welcome back.