Undead army - close to 10,000 points

This thread is a shameless re-post of my collection’s photoshoot on dakkadakka and my own blog. As this is a KoW forum, I’d figure this has its place here.

Over the last decade I collected, painted and bought quite a few undead minis. Together, they are almost 10,000 points (not counting upgrades and/or magical items) under 2nd edition rules.

Here they are aranged on my gaming table:


On my blog, I’ve got many close-ups of the photoshoot; here’s the link:

and a few of the pictures. (more on the blog) Enjoy!




For those who would like to see my assorted army projects, there’s a link for that one too:

It’s almost completed. Just need a photoshoot of all my “main” armies’ units which haven’t been on the table all together for… like ever. Most of the more recent additions have been photographed, however. They just need to be reunited with their old-single based friends and put on the table all together.


Wow, that’s an impressive and nicely painted collection of Undead. It’s a bit like a Hall of Fame for decades of VC models from GW😃

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Very nice. Undead obviously have some very pricey units, as this lot of kingdoms of men was only about 5k :wink:

Yeah, true! On the bottom of the blog post (on my blog, not here, trying not to overflood the forum) there’s the army list and there’s a lot of units over 200 points, while KoM hordes usually total 165-200 points.

Especially the flying detachment (Vampire lord / dragon; vampire lord/elder dragon; 3 revenant kings on flying wyrms) + 2 regiments wraitsh are expensive. These 2 regiments and 5 models total to almost 1,800 points.

As I wrote on my blog, i still have to photograph my KoM collection one day. I do estimate it to be roughly equal in model size (maybe slightly larger) but smaller in point total.


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