Unit facing and LOS

Hello again!

Try as I might I see no reference in the manual regarding unit’s facing and line of sight, or if rotating the mini to face a certain direction counts as an Advance action or not.

My concern is, if I start a turn and there is no enemy in front of my unit, can I turn it to face another direction? Or do I have to advance in that direction to see the enemies?

I am pretty sure it’s a no-brainer but my 'ole grey matter doesn’t seem to be grasping the concept yet. How do you guys deal with that?


Pretty easy:
Facing of the miniature does not effect LOS in any way.

A bit more detailed:
Each model has a 360° firing arc, or more precise a firing sphere all around them. Most people I played with, tend to turn models into the direction they shoot. That isn’t necessary, but helps. It does not count as movement though.


I’m wondering… For line of sight is it if any part of the shooting miniature within the defined cylinder can see any part of the target model’s defined cylinder? This is how I have played (and frankly as I play friendly games we just go with the flow on anything controversial) but I’m not sure that where you take LoS from is explicitly mentioned. Note I don’t have my rule book with me, maybe it is mentioned.


Yes, I think it’s cylinder to cylinder. No rulebook here too, though.


It is mentioned in the rulebook in the LOS section. You take LOS both to and from the defined “cylinder” area. Any part of it.


Super, thought this was the case but only remembered the target being mentioned. The rules are pretty well written so it doesn’t surprise me that it is my memory at fault! :joy:

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Thank you all so much. Sorry I haven’t been able to pop back and reply, real life and chores haha.


It is one of the reasons I’ve abandoned all other wargames in favor of Mantic’s stuff. I love complex games but taking an hour or more to set up and having to sift through more than two books is crazy.

I took it as a challenge in itself, as in, we are simulating war and conflict after all, right? So flipping through the rulebook was one more aspect of artificial “strife”.

Man, the difference is notable. I’ve finally had FUN for once.


No problem. Great to hear you are having fun with the game :slight_smile:


You draw LOS and see ONLY model parts WITHIN the cylinder. You do not ain empty space within the cylinder.

The idea is that You do not target or draw LOs from model elements (tails, guns) overhanging the base.