Unpacking my old Ape Ogres

So dusting off my old models that I haven’t used in 5+ years, I thought I would share my old Ogre army.
With the model I have it wont be a “optimal” list but still fun to play.
I have no plans to add anything extra to the army, I just thought I would share. I have too many other projects to expand on this army.

The army without any goblins.

Warrior Units

Siege Breakers - unfortunately I only have 8 … one more would have been nice.

Scratch built King Kong. AKA a Giant.

These guys that I will use as either hunters or berserkers


my 3 orangutan Mages

Army Standard


I know I also had some modelled up Baboons with giant pink butts. Im just not sure what box they are in :frowning:
If i find them later i might add photos. But i dont know what i would use them for in the list.


looking good, what if you used the Baboons as crocodogs?