Upcoming Events in Austria

Single day Ambush event in March

Single day event in June

2 day event in July


the limit of 18 players is set by using a free account on t3

the ÖRB Wars is in southern Burgenland within the Spa region, so the perfect opportunity to combine a KoW tournament with a family holiday for those whom it would be to far for just 2 days


The Dutch guys who cannot make it to Clash of Kings this year, will be travelling to Austria!
@kodos , thanks for keeping us informed. Looking forward to meet you there!


@kodos ,
Im the 4 Dutch player who wants to join your tournament but cant find a team to join. Is it possible that i join maybe another team who is short 1 player?

I dont want the travel all the way just for playing the single day

Currently there are 2 teams without a 3rd player registered and there will be a “reserve” team/players if there are people without team or if a team is short a player because something unexpected happens

So if you come to the event we will find you a team to play with