Update of my cottage scratch build 2

Trying out the colour scheme first a abase layer of paint .
Sadly i messed up s bit with my primer coat, i used a really cheap paint which was so bad it looked like paint with sand init or something. Ruind a lot of the detail …ooh wel , lesson learned i guess.

Update nr. 3 : One small step closer, can’t sit very long because of my back so it’s a bit of a slow build. Did
a wash and a bit of highlights/wet blending here and there. Gave the wood some under colour , i wil blend that together later on.


This is coming along really nice!
Btw, it’s a bit ‘spammy’ to start a new thread each time you post a new photo. Maybe you can post your updates in one thread. Keeps the forum clean.


Ooh right i’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be like that , i just didn’t know how to do that or how you should do that. I don’t do forums and social media this is my first real forum so to speak. Can i put my posts together now or should i leave it ?

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I didn’t want to sound rude. I’m happy to help. You can just ‘Reply’ (at the bottom of the thread) to your own thread and implement pictures as usual, like the others do. That way you can do a little picture blog about your project, I would be happy to read. Keep up the good work!


Ooh right …way better. And you weren’t rude at all. I said this before you guys (people on this forum) are really nice. Thanks for the compliments and the help.


Such a shame about the spray paint, it was very beautiful. Is it possible to ‘rescue’ it by cutting the details back in? [Edit now that I look at it a bit closer, it might actually just need a dark wash and then some drybrishing…]

It still looks nice though, and would be great on a table still :). Maybe water down some cheap black paint (diluted 1:10 or so) and give it a wash to get the details darker than surface?
Then use a lighter color and dry brush the details to make them pop.

(Also a general tip if I may be so bold, for big terrain like this get cheap craft store paints and some cheap larger brushes. The fancy paints are great for details and minis but are expensive haha)

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Tanks for awnsering , i appreciate it
You are absolutely right, i still need to give it. A wash. Usually i give it a primer than i give it a fist coat of paint (like in the photos) , next i do the stone work and paint it with a heavy dry brush layer / or light paint job with a grey to make it blend together. Than i do the wood with some lighter browns an some moss looking greens. Than i do a wash. And than comes the real dry brush and finer details. (I’m not great at explaining things in English).

I know what went wrong after scratching in the details i do a Modge Podge layer …i did a other layer of modge podge with black paint in it and that messed it up a bit.

You are right thow, i went back with a pencel and made it better. But lesson learned.

And i went out this afternoon and bought some acrylic hobby paints.

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Sounds really good, I am looking forward to seeing the results! (I understand you fine btw :))

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Me am glad understanding you can i… lol.