[USA] New England War Kings

The New England War Kings are a club made up of Kings players of all types - some competitive and some casual. Most of our player base is in Massachusetts (particularly on Cape Cod as the group used to be known as the War Kings of Cape Cod), but we are growing with members in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York.

For the last two years, we have hosted the Orc Town GT in Dennis, MA (on Cape Cod). We take over a dive bar (The Improper Bostonian) for a weekend with our uniquely themed tables based on War Kings lore. We roll dice and drink beer. And we give away the most unique trophies… anywhere!

Regular gaming can be found on Wednesday evenings in West Barnstable, MA (on Cape Cod) at GameNight.net. And we are trying to establish game nights on alternating Mondays and Sundays (subject to change) in Quincy, MA (south of Boston) at Alpha Omega Hobby.

Find us on here or, if you’re Facebook-inclined, all are welcome to join our Facebook group and/or the smaller Boston group for those of us who can’t make it to the Cape regularly. Club membership absolutely not required to hang out and play games!


Hi Pat,

Are you guys planning any one-day events on a weekend at the Quincy location at all?

There has been talk of a “3rd edition launch day” sort of thing, but nothing concrete. It seems like next Sunday the 10th will work. I’ll let you know!

Okay, let me know–If I can get out from under the mountains of leaves in the yard, I will try to make it down!