Use of Dragon models

Quick question, I just recently got a young bronze dragon from WizKids yesterday for my birthday. What exactly can certain dragon models be used for in KoW? Mine is too small and a little too spikey to be a mount for a hero (I can’t even figure out how to even mount certain models since I’m all new to this) so what can it be used for?

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In general: it’s reasonable to expect models to visually represent their stats, but not necessarily the exact description.

Most “dragon " units are titans with CS 3 and fly.
That translates to something the fills a 75 mm square base is 5”-7" tall (not terribly strict) and looks powerful.

If you dragon is too small for that then a flying monster (i.e. 50mm base, tall 4"-6") or hero might do.
Like a lord on drakon, beast of nature or general on winged beast.


what Dark said above, but I would also add you can think outside the box. I’ve seen elf armies where they replaced the Dragon Breath warmachine with baby dragons on a 50mm base.

So you can play about a fair bit, just point it out to your opponent at the start of the game so they don’t get confuzzled

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I’ve used a couple of the WizKids dragons with no real issue - these should be roughly the same size as the bronze one?


That first one looks awesome. Now the question is which units and which armies have a hero on a flying mount? I came up on a dead end with Northern Alliance (I’m using the easyarmy builder to see which heroes can take flying mounts) and Varangur. What exactly are the rules for taking mounts in KoW Vanguard? What exactly can a mount do in Vanguard and can they fly?

So what hero unit are you using the model on the top image for? That can help me figure out if I want my dragon to be a mount.


I don’t think vanguard has big flyers in the game (don’t play it so can’t tell you for definite).

The top model (which is a blue dragon model iirc) I’m using as a chimera count-as in a Varangur army. FYI the bottom one is for an elf/sylvan kin list.

In KoW the most important things are base size and does it look reasonable appropriate (if being used as a fill-in/proxy/count-as model). For example there aren’t many models the size of the mantic giant (barring gw’s nice, but stonkingly expensive, new one or a converted action man!) - but something clearly bigger than an ogre (or similar) on a 75mm base is fine

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Yeah that 75mm base is what piques my interest… basically I just measured my dragon and the stand-in base it came with (the box flat out states that the base is “not to scale for gameplay purposes” and that’s for DnD) and the round base actually measure to… get this… 75mm. While the dragon itself (a young bronze dragon) is almost 100mm, I got the measurements by multiplying the cm’s on my ruler by 10.
So base wise my young dragon CAN be played as a regular dragon. Just what armies use a regular dragon? I’m trying to figure that out.

Lots of the armies have something that it can run as - goblins, dwarfs, free dwarfs & ogres are probably the only ones that don’t have some form of large flying beastie!

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Just finished painting my dragon model if you guys would like to see. I decided to paint it as an Ice dragon for NA.
Ice Dragons and Huntress