My Ice kin hunter and Dragons

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Goblins. I’ve just bought some paints and models and I am going to present what I have painted so far… this is literally my first time painting models.

Icekin hunter (Wizkids Female Human Ranger):

Not exactly something I’m proud of, its okay, might give her hair a more blond color, will move her to a square base once I find one and actually start a Northern Alliance army.

Ice Dragon(my young bronze dragon I was talking about in previous posts):

Looking pretty good, still trying to figure out what flying minster it should stand in for.

Baby Ice Dragon(Bronze Dragon Wyrmling from Wizkids):

This little guy and the big one I’m still trying to figure out if they can even be in a NA warband. I was considering having him be an Icekin bolt thrower since somebody (sorry if I forgot your name) reported that some players used baby dragons as proxies of the Elves’s Dragon Breath artillery.

If you guys have any advice for what to use the dragons for in either KoW or Vanguard (especially Vanguard) I’d love to know.