Using LEDs to get that Lava poppin'

Broke into this project this weekend.

If you’d like to check out how the project started. Here is more.

I started with some color LEDs form DC Xmas lights from ornaments and cut acrylic bases.

Doing some brightness tests before I started.

Moved on to designing the bases.

Once I had the idea, I put them on cut poster board and painted.

Then started dry brushing

One of my prior projects I did a lava theme, so I combined the LEDs to the Lava theme in this case. Here is that orignal idea.


Awesome looking stuff!

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nicely done sir!

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Ouuh this is sexy stuff. I’m on my first LED experiment atm, this here is motivating to keep going. Great result!

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so i’m guessing you hid the LED and the batteries (and switches and whatever other electronic parts needed) inside the solid terrain atop the base? or is this something that you are fitting to a display tray so it looks awesome while being shown for judging/viewing?

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Awesome! i would totally buy these…

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I work in electronics, so I could have wired up a complete wireless controlled system to turn them all on with a USB remote. They have some LED Candle systems I could have modifed.

But I went an even simplier route with this that I think can easily be done a budget.

I went to the the Dollar store and but LED icicles. They have a 3 small mini batteries like for kids watches inside. To turn it on, one twists the top to close the circuit. It’s very small maybe 1.2 inches. long and I could make it smaller.

I decided to make differenc sizes of terrain, keeping the profile a bit different, not to bring attention to what was powering the bases.

The lave displays are just to show how I combined the two ideas into one. Which also allows me to combine armies.


Sick, thanks for posting the how too’s.

Keep up the quality work!