V-Dawg's hot dogs - Abyssal Dwarfs on lava

I figured I might as well do an army-presentation of all my armies. This time I will show you my Abyssal dwarfs. They have appeared in social media before but this time, thanks to the forum-format, I will be able to go a bit more into each of the units. Hopefully you will bear with me and take a look (maybe even a read)

As you can see this is a lot of points on a single display board. The board is quite big and difficult to store properly. That being said, it was a fun and interesting build where I learned a lot about blue foam, cork, acrylic paint, and not least, my favorite material in the whole world: PVA-glue! All the lava is simply a bottle or two of glue poured and dried over time.

The next posts will present all the units on this board, and a couple more.


Let us start with the slaves. Originally, I had a few old monopose gw-orcs laying around and I decided being a bit mean to them. On the display board these poor babies are places where the cork (dried lava) ends and the liquid lava dominate their base. As a result the orcs are simply stepping on top of each other, no doubt “motivated” by the abyssal dwarfs behind them. I won’t lie, as this was my first army after the Warhammer world blew up and I fell in love with kings of war, it was especially satisfying to have the slave orc gore riders from mantic step on the gw-orcs. Years have now past and it still makes me smile.


Then there are the Blacksouls and Immortal guards. A long time ago I bought a lot of these old gw-models for about 2$ per model. I think they are beautiful and from my favorite gw-period (back when there was still some silly humor going on (dwarfs on stilts – LOL!)). In addition I bought some dwarfs from macrocosm (or something like that) and they fit in ok. I molded the shield myself using greenstuff and a chaos armor shoulder pad (I think). I stole an idea about meaty armor from the old Warhammer forum (remember Blaine (or was it Baine?)?). At first I was pleased, but then as years went by I managed to forget the recipe and/or my red ink got bad and the results changed. It still looks ok, but I will never be completely satisfied with them. The immortal guard are a much simpler but effective technique where I try to link their armor to an obisidian theme.


The Lesser Obsidian Golems where the first mantic models I painted. I liked them a lot. The paintjob actually inspired the rest of the board and the multibases. The Greater Golem was a natural and nice addition to the army after that. His crystals on his back inspired the crystals on the display board and the armor of the immortal guards.


Then the Halfbreeds. They are made from old gw plastic boars and metal slayers, and greenstuff. Once again my brother @epicdwarf helped me with the first ones (the hero and the guy flipping you off). You cant see it too good from the picture but their beards and details are on a whole different level than the unit i mostly made myself.


The Berserkers are from Avatars of War. I really like these models and they are a great (plastic!) set. I painted the stone banner who came with them as a living dwarf showing off, and made them a new trollslayer “banner”


The Gargoyles. One can say a lot about the mantic gargoyles. I don’t like the mold lines on their heads and the fact that the wings and tail are “back pack”, BUT they were easy to paint, and especially the wings went like a dream. Just forget about fitting them on a troop base. Buy two packs and you can make 3 troops, maybe even 4. Basusu was fun too, I gave him an orc head. The troop behind him has different heads to make them his personal gargoyles


Then there are the heroes. I usually play the flying guys as Supreme Iron-Casters. The first one is an old Taurus model from GW but with plastic wings (also from gw), The second is Mantic. The scales on this one is very hard to pick out and I had some problems at first using red, but I’m very pleased with how well it ended up. The third on is from Scibor. The model is so good that even though the paintjob might be average it looks quite nice.

The iron caster on foot (from Rackham?) is usually my Dravak Dalken. I’m happy with the ASB too, I made the banner from the gw giant and greenstuff AND i also made the grotesque champion from different parts (Yay I made something myself!)


Last, and least used, comes the war machines. These are also gw-classics, with some added components. I’m happy with how they look, but I rarely play much shooting.

(Don’t mind the pig. He was just a (too expensive) test-model)

And that is it. My Abyssal Dwarfs. I have saved some of my old dwargs for a Vanguard warband but thats going to take a while to do. Thanks for watching and/or reading.


Really love the mix of models, makes for a good unique look! The display board and the bases must’ve taken a ton of work! All the modelling effort also really pays off, particularly with the orcs. I find it fitting that your new babies are trampling the old ones to fiery death in the lava, kudos!


Very nice.

Great work on the units and the display board ties everything together really well

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just incredible- the colour scheme is perfect. Really cohesive, consistent, visually exciting army- I love it!