V3 - "Extra" charge range gained from the new rules

Its been mentioned in a couple of places that in V3, charge ranges are measure from any point on the units front facing rather than just the units leader point.

This has a couple of nice implications. It stops units if the same speed being able to put themselves in charge range, but stay out of range themselves and it massively opens up charge ranges for large fronted hordes.

I’ve put together the grid below just out of interest to see how much different units ‘gain’ from the new rule. 25mm infantry hordes can now reach out 3.8" further than they could in V2, that’s a really nice buff for big units that have traditionally struggled to manoeuvre. It also means that dwarf hordes no longer have to worry about not being able to reach an enemy that’s stood right next to them!

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Thank you for this calculation. Nice buff for Infanterie units, I like this change.

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This is one of my favorite changes for 3rd so far. Measuring from the leader point was fiddly. This is much cleaner, in my opinion.

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Completely agree. We’ve been testing this rule and it just speeds things up just that tad bit. I always thought new players sometimes found it hard to understand the difference between arc, los, and leader point.

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While overall I like this rule change if it makes some units more viable.

I did like that tactical option…

good work. keep in mind as the target becomes more closer to center, the range threat decreases. It’s simple to say the side of the unit has just much range as the front.

Its clearly better than it was, side direction charges will be a bit further. In the center, its still just 10" and when people adjust to it, 10" from the side will feel normal.

Wider units clearly have a broader threat range and now it feels as they cover a wider footprint from the center.

50mm monsters got a minimum gain where Hordes apear to the largest reward, which means they had the highest disavantage is 2nd.

That everything gets this, which means to me, once we adjust it will go back to the same game it was. Where units with WC will have minimum +1" of “charge movement” by default, with a chance at 2 more inches. 1d3 Wild charge sounds like a really fun mechanic.

For me the wild charge is a step in the wrong direction for KoW. At the moment I love calculating and planning, like in chess. Now there’s a random move, giving the queen the option to move not Obl one direction, but also a sidestep like the horse…


I don’t think it’s that extreme, referencing the chess example, but it certainly throws a major wrench in carefully positioning units just out of charge range.

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Like wild charge idea - seems to be a perfect counter to slightly quicker armies being able to sit there and make faces! Combined with the changes to measuring charge distances its harder for flyers/cav to hang out of range.

Threadromancy maybe but I didnt want to add another post where not needed. IF I have two units with Wild Charge can I roll heir distances before deciding what I want to do with them. Things like multi charging for example.

Could I just go down my battle line rolling them all up and then use them? If a unit is behind another and they both need a wild charge to get in on two units opposite them I may want to know if they both can make it before declaring their charges.

I wondered about this as well. It makes sense to do them all before giving any move orders. So you know what you can multi charge etc. If the rules force one at a time then they would deny some multicharges from happening (when both units needed some extra range to get in)

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One of the RC confirmed in a FB thread that you can roll all of your random Wild Charges before making any decisions.