Vanguard 2019 Masters event - Feb 29th 2020 at Mantic HQ

Tickets are now open for the Wildcard slots (ANYONE can buy those, but only top 20 can buy top 20!)

Warbands will be 200 points each, ideally both warband are to be fully painted (the second warband can be primed or at least built, but doesn’t have to be fully painted)

Mercenaries are allowed
No more than 2 of each item may be purchased per warband
All other rules on warband building as per main rulebook.

Warbands will be used as such:
Games 1 and 3 - Warband 1
Games 2 and 4 - Warband 2

All tickets include a free warband - a survey will be sent out prior to the event, there is casual gaming the night before at Mantic HQ and Warbands can be collected/built then if you want to!

Rules pack will be competed by end of January.

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