Vanguard Base sizes

Hi everyone…

So, base sizes! Obviously each unit has a set base size, I was wondering if there is any particular advantage to a slightly larger base… The reason I ask is that I use many dungeon saga minis for vanguard, where the base size is 25mm and not 20mm as standard. In general I mainly play my son and we don’t care that the size is a bit off, but I was wondering what people’s thoughts are on this?

My Northern Alliance Snow Trolls were also supplied with slightly too large bases so I guess it applies to them too.

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the only real difference would be that it may open you to additional combatants in a melee, you can’t attack corner to corner so you can only get 2 against 1 on a facing with 20mm bases for everyone.
However, if you have a 25mm then you could get 3 v 1 because of the greater width. It’s probably not going to happen often and if it’s just a friendly game I wouldn’t worry about it too much


That was my thoughts too. I guess one can also potentially gain a bit from being able to see a model you may not be able to with a smaller base lose out from being seen when you wouldn’t otherwise. I guess you could technically engage more models at once if they were neatly lined up in combat too.

Overall though it seems that it doesn’t hugely matter (especially when it’s only 5mm!). We’ve been playing like that anyway :slight_smile:

A bigger base will also allow you to screen your other models more effectively, and cover slightly more area with your threat projection and also Inspiring and other aura type buffs. Overall I’d say bigger bases probably still carry more downsides than bonuses though. I wouldn’t worry about it.