Vanguard equipment card number

I just received my Vanguard equipment cards and noticed there are a total of 68 cards (on the box and on Mantics website it says 66). So did I get 2 extra cards or are the descriptions on the website/box incorrect?
As far as I can see The extra cards are spears - 5 instead of 3 listed on the website.

I also noticed that the 2x bandages cards are not mentioned in the list at all.

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Hmmm, i think you are fine and are not missing anything. I can count mine if I get a chance today.

I have just 66, I guess you were lucky and got two more…

20 x unique
20 x rare
26 x common

The common include 2 of…
Smelling salts
Heavy weapon
Bow/light crossbow
Lucky charm

And 3 of…
Common mount

Always and outside chance I’ve misplaced something.