Vanguard news, rumors and general discussion

Let’s start with some news on ‘Ice & Iron’.


Hopefully they do some balancing. I scratched my head a bit when working out some of the build options. I think Vanguard would have benefited from an open Beta or at least a longer one if they did do one.

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Now that’s a fair move, Mantic!


I think there was a beta version available during the kickstarter campaign, and playtesting is ongoing. I have been nicely surprised at how balanced things are, compared to other games! It’s maybe not perfect - some scenarios for example make it really hard, and you could argue that not all factions can take so many different builds, BUT on average, each faction plays differently, and none seem to be completely smashing every other.

It’s certainly possible to make things better (it always is), but I personnally dont have so many concrete examples of things that need to change, and none that would be complete changes.

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There was an open beta IIRC. The balance is not horrendous, but not really Mantic standard either.

I think that the issues are more to do with rules quirks and units benefiting from them, but I’m not familiar enough with the game to say for sure just yet.

Vanguard definitely seems to show that it’s a first edition game. There are some kinks that would be difficult to catch before the game is out that need ironing out.
Not a bad game, but second edition will be true.

For sure, 2nd edition should really clean things up.

Hi all! Have you guys seen the 1.1 faq released today? Thoughts? All in all good things if you ask me, even if every single of my listis impacted by the change to HW and mounts… err, what does that say about me? :slight_smile:

We have just concluded our first campaign yesterday. We were 4 players and I was the only one who was not using battle mount and great weapons. I am very glad the changes tone down these two items. Though, I think that using great weapon should lower (in fact increase) the Ar of the model, maybe instead of restricting it to models that do not already have CS.