Vanguard on Vassal

Good evening Vanguard players (and potential players)!

Just dropping a note for anyone unaware that a full release of Vanguard has been made available on the Vassal digital board game platform.

It allows the game to be played digitally, in 2D from a top-down perspective similar to Universal Battle for Kings of War.

The Vassal app is free to use. The Vanguard module is free to download. Plus the core rules and all Warband stats (as of April 2020) are free to download from the Mantic Games website.

So if you’ve been interested in trying the game out or maybe you want to try a new faction without having to spend any money - we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what it includes:

1) All the Factions (22 of them)
2) 12 core Scenario templates
3) Preset Terrain for ease of setup
4) Custom Terrain placement
5) All the tokens, counters and widgets needed plus more!


You can download the Vanguard module here:

You can get the Vassal application here:

A Starter Guide is available here (it’s an older version but the core still applies) :

Please feel free to give the game a try and come along to the facebook group or discord server to look into the game more and seek out opponents as we grow the community.

Now for some pics of what the module offers in terms of factions available, look & feel of the components etc…

Cheers for taking a look!