Vanguard Rules Queries


I have just been trying out the Vanguard rules, including the campaign rules, and I’ve come across a few issues we could not resolve and could not find a reference in the rule book. I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of an authoritative rule somewhere. I apologise if I have missed something obvious that I should have known.

  1. Who Goes First. Does retaliating to a Me attack count as an activation for the purpose of deciding who goes first in the next round? We assumed it does not.

  2. Qualifying Charge. Can you claim a qualifying charge if the enemy is not in LoS before you charge? We assumed you could.

  3. Follow up Moves. After killing an enemy, and not being engaged, can you turn to face any direction after making a follow-up move? We assumed you could as it would seem strange that you could face any direction if still engaged by another model but not if not engaged.

  4. Post Engagement. Can you claim XP for killing an enemy if your model did not survive the game?

  5. Post Engagement. Can your Leader give the discretionary XP for surviving the game to himself? We assumed not.

  6. Post Engagement. In Step 3, Power Upgrade, it states that Command Models can ‘purchase’ a single additional red dice. Does this transaction actually cost any CG or is the text simply referring to ‘gaining’ an additional dice?

  7. Post Engagement. At the end of our first campaign game, my Leader had been removed as a casualty and then rolled 13 on the casualty table and died. My understanding is that companies do not start campaigns with any CG (or is this incorrect?) and do not gain any after a game until Step 5 of post engagement, which is after retinue assessment at Step 3. I have another command model in my company but this would seem to mean that I cannot promote him to Leader. However, at Step 7, if I had no command models left alive, I would have been able to purchase one that would then be allowed to be nominated as my Leader. My particular situation seems to fall between the cracks as I have a command model so can not benefit from Step 7, but I have no CG at Step 3 to allow me to upgrade the living command model to the Leader post.

Thanks for any help.

  1. No, retaliating is not an activation.
  2. No, you need to have LoS.
  3. Yes you can.
    4+… I can’t remember the campaign specifics and don’t have a book to hand. I’ll try and look later.

My take on the remaining questions:
4. Yes, you can.
5. No. At least we play it this way.
6. It does not cost any CG. IMHO, gaining may be a better wording.
7. I believe your interpretation is correct, but the order of doing the post-engagement steps (as written in the rulebook) looks strange. In our group, we have house-ruled an alternate order to do it, so we play it that the game “results” (CG, experience etc.) are resolved first, then we spend the (already gained) cash on whatever needed. This way, we were also able to have one more retinue member in game 2.


Matt Gilbert is the designer, so he knows what’s up, but I thought it’d be helpful to add references:

  1. Retaliation/Activation: Retaliations do not count as Activations. In fact, anything that says “Marked as Activated” is not an Activation. See FAQ item 2.1.

  2. Charge & LoS. Must have LoS before moving to count as a charge. Page 17, under Run.

  3. Change Facing & Follow-ups. You may change facing during a follow-up move. Follow-up rules on page 30 say “following the normal movement rules”. The normal movement rules on page 22 say “Unless stated otherwise, models can… turn as many times as they wish.”

  4. Kill XP for Casualties. Yes, they gain XP. The bullets on Page 141 specify which XP is conditional on surviving.

  5. Can the Leader Give Self XP. No. Page 141 - “any other surviving model”.

  6. Power Upgrade “Purchase”. Purchase is just referring to gaining the die, no CG cost.

  7. Leader Dies Immediately. LOL! You have found a loophole, I think. As a houserule I would simply promote another Command model as the new Leader in Step 7 for free.


Thanks everybody for the help. I am sure it will become clearer with more playing.