Vanguard - Undead vs Abyssals (with many pictures :) )

My list:
3 Zombies
3 Skeletons
2 Wraith
1 Werewolf
1 Necromancer
(+ summoned skeletons that look like ghouls)

His list:
3 Lower abyssal (Chaos marauders)
2 Abyssal guard (Chaos Warriors)
1 Hellhound
1 Abyssal warlock (That looks like Archaon on a steed)
1 Tormentor Champion (That looks like a chaos mage)

My warband:

Some old models here, both sculpt and paint-quality-wise.
Banshee is a Wraith, and Varghulf is a Werewolf.

The fearsome demon general:

Scenario: The Bard!!!

He’s got a nice clear path ahead of him.
But what are those shapes in the distance?

Turn 1: Everyone rushes ahead to nice positions.
Bard may be in trouble…

Turn 2: Abyssals (Tormentor + 2 Abyssal guard) move confidently, but slowly, down the street. 3 Lower abyssal are just behind the building to the left, waiting to pounce upon my troops. But, a brave skeleton rushes out to defeat them! (and promptly fails to make an impression)

Another skeleton! Now they are surely doomed! Rear-charge! (Abyssal guard is not impressed)

Meanwhile, I have an important decision. Because of my number of troops, my enemy has no more activations. while I still have not used my wraiths and werewolf. However, he has 5 power (read abyssal abilities to see why this is dangerous), and troops nearby for countercharges.
I can charge either his expensive guys, or the bard. After several minutes of agonizing calculations, I decide that I should definitely go for the bard. A group assault with two wraiths and one werewolf should do enough damage. Also, this brings me outside of his charge range in case I fail to take down the bard.

The bard is horribly mauled and ripped apart! :skull_and_crossbones:
One of the wraiths pick up the Lute and will spend the rest of the game running away and hiding. His infantry is not well equipped to catch a speed 7 flier.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the battlefield, the skeletons are getting demolished. This does not bother the necromancer much. He is busy making more of them.

The tormentor makes an attempt to reach the Necromancer, which is not as good at running as the wraith. However, I have two layers of troops and a forest to protect me. My zombies form a “human” wall. He fails to make contact.

The rest of the game is mostly fighting in the middle of the battlefield, with both sides losing forces. However, the necromancer need not fear a loss of morale.
Victory to the Unliving!!


Cool battle repprt, and always good to hear of the demise of another bard!