Vanguard Unicorn for Forces of Nature

Hi everyone…

My daughter is keen to play Vanguard, as I currently play with my son and she has to do anything he does (typical younger sibling!). I have begun painting a Forces of Nature warband and that’s been a nice change from Goblins and Northern Alliance. She would absolutely LOVE having a unicorn in her warband so I was considering proxying in a unicorn as they are not in the main list. I thought it could be used as a Bray-Strider (Warrior) but it would also be interesting to see if it could be used as Centuar Chief as she would love it to be her “best” model. Only issue is that a unicorn should clearly have the “beast” key word and probably shouldn’t have a bow either!

We only play each other with friendly games (and me helping the kids a bit now and then) but I wondered what people’s thoughts were? Some options:

  • Only play it as a Bray hunter
  • Play it as a Centuar Chief but reduce the points value a little (beast and no bow - if so, how many fewer points?)
  • Play it as a Centaur Chief but say it has a magic lightning bolt it can fire from its horn that is equivalent to a bow! :smile:
  • Come up with it’s own stats and abilities! (What should they be and what points value?!)

I thought it could be an interesting discussion for those of us interested in the skirmish format of the game :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts!

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What about a mounted druid with Heal(s) and another spell of your choice (e.g. Barrier of Vines?).


I like it in principle but she already has a druid (I got her the starter set plus a Forest Shambler). It’s definitely an option though and goes nicely into the magical theme for the unicorn!

Shooting is no problem because, you know, magic. It destroys you at range with the power of friendship.

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