Vanguard Warbands for friends

For Christmas I bought 6 Vanguard Warbands for friends and family. I let everyone choose which faction they want to play and now I’ve started the, hopefully, quick process of painting the miniatures for everyone.

The first Warband I painted is for my son:


image image
And now I’m working on the next for one of my best friends, I finished these 2 tonight and I’m working on the rest of the Warband this week:

image image

Please let me know what you think so far.


Very nice, could you please come round and paint my warbands? :wink: Seriously, a great idea and well painted models.

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Thanks, I appreciate that!

Have a good New Year!

What a great idea and your painted miniatures are awesome! I especialy like the Basileans. Thanks for sharing and a happy new year!

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They look really good I especially like the horrors and I bet your family and friends will love them. :blush:

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Looking great so far mate, love that you’re getting your loved ones involved!

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What a great idea!

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Finished a few more.


Very nice!

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Really nice Nightstalkers (or short: Nicestalkers). Makes me want to paint mine.

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Thanks. I finished the Butchers this morning.image

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Nightstalkers are done!

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Ive got to say that I’m happy with the progress I’ve made, as far as getting the two warbands I’ve painted so far done. I mean at least we’ll all have painted miniatures on the table.

What I’m not happy about is the quality of the paint jobs. I think I could do better if I wasn’t trying to “speed paint” everything.

I think that after I’ve painted all of the other minis I’ll take my time on my warband.

What do you think? Is that fair?

Almost finished with the Dwarf Warband.

Goblins or Abyssals next.

Honestly, if these are for introducing people to the game I think they are perfect. They look very solid and catch the eye nicely.

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None of us have played Vanguard before. I’ve played a lot of Frostgrave but after playing a few demos of Vanguard, and reading the rules, Vanguard was more appealing to everyone. We’re all looking forward to playing a campaign.

The Dwarfs are done.

I cleaned, based, glued and primed the Abyssals and Goblins.

Here are the Dwarfs: