Varanguar/ chaos warriors: the change-forged legion

Greetings all.

In addition to owning and operating McDougall Designs, I have been a wargaming hobbyist for close to 20 years now.

As a smaller online retail outfit, I can’t always pay for professional paint jobs for my webstore. I do enjoy painting, however.

To that end, most of my active projects now revolve around kits or kitbashes of items I sell. I like to blog progress, and so here we are.

This particular project uses riftforged orcs bodies, matched up with heads from the Wargames Atlantic Einherjar (space dwarves) set.

These are intended to be a dual purpose army project, both for use in kings of war as varanguar, and age of sigmar as slaves to darkness/chaos warriors.

I’ll have more of these on the way soon.

And if you are in the Americas and are looking for mantic products, I retail the main product line (including preorders) at 20% off.


that’s a genius way of making Huscarls for the Varangrrr love how they turned out there.

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Cheers. More where they came from


WOW that is smart! The lightning motif really plays for pulpy Norse fantasy dudes as well.

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Thank you very much

They’re great! Very powerful and intimidating.

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So I’ve still got some riftforged orcs to finish converting and I did prime eight of those the other day.

I’m planning on getting a mega army to expand the force. Because all huscarls, all the time.


it’s a good motto for life


I think that Benjamin Franklin once said that, in fact.


Progress, as usual on my personal projects is slow.

But I’ve done some minor conversion work and am looking for ideas on further conversions on this storm giant.