Varangur taking it from 2000 to 2300

Looking for advice for my Varangur list. I have a 2000 point list that I want to take up to 2300 was hoping to get some opinions on what I should add.n

Im opened to removing stuff from the current list but overall Im happy with how everything normally preforms and enjoy playing it as is

Here is the list

Varangur 2023 [1995]

  • Reavers (Infantry) Regiment (20) [220]
    ----Mask of the Reaper [10]
  • Night Raiders (Infantry) Regiment (20) [155]
    ----Wolf Handlers [15]
  • The Fallen (Large Infantry) Horde (6) [255]
  • Snow Trolls (Monstrous Infantry) Horde (6) [220]
  • Horse Raiders* (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [165]
    ----Exchange Shortbows for Throwing Axes [0]
  • Tundra Wolves (Cavalry) Troop (5) [115]
  • Tundra Wolves (Cavalry) Troop (5) [115]
  • Frostfang Cavalry (Large Cavalry) Horde (6) [255]
  • Frost Giant (Titan) 1 [235]
    ----Giant Cleaver [0]
    ----Icy Breath (8) [0]
  • Lord (Hero (Heavy Infantry)) 1 [130]
    ----Devoted Icon [20]
  • Lord (Hero (Heavy Infantry)) 1 [130]
    ----Devoted Icon [20]
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I bounce between armies, but have played the Varangur a bit. I try to run a different list each time, exploring a variety of units for fun, and you can see what I’ve run and how it’s done in some of my battle reports over on my blog.

You are running some things that I have not found success with, but each player’s preference and meta is different, so if things are going fine, and you are not encountering obvious shortcomings in your games, I don’t think there is an easy answer, and that it comes down to what do you want to do more of on the table?

I suggest considering the following, both as additions to the current list, or things to add to your collection down the road. Suggestions are in order of my personal preference:

  • Magnilde (amazing generalist hero. one-time fly lets her disrupt fliers, and she’s got the staying strength of a regiment all be herself. you will find uses for her for sure.)
  • Another regiment of Horse Raiders (helps you run the nice formation, or be another mobile threat on the table.)
  • Snow Foxes (chaff, and speedy chaff at that.)
  • Draugr (chaff and decent objective camping.)
  • Mounted Sons (heavy shock cavalry, similar to Frostfangs, but cheaper and with a more narrow frontage)
  • Huscarls (heavy infantry, able to cut down just about anything)

Couple of things I’d look at doing to go from 1995 to 2300.

Tool up your heavy hitters. Fallen and the frostfang probably need to do the heavy lifting in the list, so might go strength on former and elite plus tundra fighters on the latter (they can tag-team with the frost giant for loads of rerolls).

Fast hero. Maggie or mount for a lord (don’t think you have quite enough barbarians to make the double aura lord combo really worth it?).

Might look at bumping wolves to regiments - makes them pretty nasty now.

Cheap objective holders - draugr regiments are ideal