Varangur units

Looking at varangur since i can get two armies for the price of one just about (swap as northern alliance maybe) but some of the units im not sure about.

I take it sons of korgann are maybe heavy horsemen yes? Big bulky armor etc?


I get an idea of draugr from some other posts on here.

Reavers im unclear on.


Mounted Sons are indeed heavy cavalry. Anything in heavy armor on a horse should do fine.

Kruufnir is a snow troll, basically just an upgrade to the Snow Troll Prime.

Reavers are berserkers on foot, lightly armored, probably big weapons.


Thank you very much

Pretty much covered by @Luke

Mounted sons are basically huscarls who have learnt what horses are!

Draugr are (fluff wise) zombie type efforts, but any cr*p looking infantry will do the job.

Reavers are archetype berserkers - forgot pants, but did bring a couple of axes.

Kruufnir is a monster hero, so build as you feel appreciate!