VigoTheButch and Undead Friends

So grinding, pinning, touching up, gluing, and positioning 81 skeletons took longer than I expected. But I got through the three hordes.

Tomorrow is going to have to be very productive. I have to get the water effects down with enough time to cure.


These look absolutely brilliant

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And I thought the skeleton hordes were impressive off their scenic bases! Seriously great work, love that shot with all the interlocked hordes forming a battalion of undead trooping through a mountain forest.

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Thanks! I like that picture too, nothing like 80+ skeletons pouring through a choke point!

Lots of Skellie! great work. Fantastic. Love the board too.

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Thanks, MikeGrant!

No photo update tonight as most of the units are wrapped up or sealed in a container while the resin cures. So obviously I poured the water effects on the bases but I also painted the display board and sculpted the saddles for the worm Riders. The Green Stuff will be cured by morning and I can paint them before attaching to the multibases. I’m getting close to completion here which is good. Tomorrow is the last work day for this project.

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Ok, the tournament starts in about eleven hours and I put all the units in front of a fan to dry overnight. All that’s left is to print out my army lists and find my dice.

Project complete!!!

I will put up photos of all the units tomorrow after the event. Until then, here’s my banner skellie:

And a group shot on the display board:


Very nice project! Congratulations and thanks for sharing. It was a great inspiration. Good luck at the tournament, bring glory to the Undead! :skull:


Good luck!!! Fantastic journey watching this project. Hope I can emulate one day!

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Thanks, everyone!

I went 1-1-1 at the tournament, reading the scenario rules is very important, LoL. At least my attrition scores were glorious. And my skellies were the amazing tarpits that I had imagined them to be.

But I got the Best Painted award which was really what I was hoping for.


To recap, about 2-3 weeks ago, the project was here:

And it concluded here last night:

And here’s the finished photos:
Great Burrowing Wyrm

Revenant Worm Riders

Revenant King on Great Flying Wyrm 1

Revenant King on Great Flying Wyrm 2


Necromancer and standard bearer

Skeleton Spearmen

Skeleton Warriors 1

Skeleton Warriors 2 which were hard to photo. The back ranks are marching out of a lake.


Amazing army! I love the skellies coming out of the water.

I’ve got a question, how does the Wights´s base hold up?
I’ve got both Wights and Zombie trolls, but haven’t build them yet as I don’t know if an MDF multibase will hold their weight. (I was waiting for the resin version, to mix them… but it seems only the Mollochs got the resis swap).

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Thanks, Tenshi!

The Wights base is very heavy. I pinned each model to the base and also used PVA around the feet to blend with the dirt. The PVA isn’t doing much for holding the models, but it keeps them from rocking, turning, or otherwise getting any kind of leverage to break the super glue bond. And the one Wight is knee deep in resin, so he’s never coming off.

I played a three round tournament with the base, and everything is still solid.

Big congrats man, ‘finishing’ an army is an amazing feel, ignoring the best painted award :smiley:

Here’s hoping you don’t need to do much to hit the table again in 3E, I feel like everything you’ve made should stay mostly the same.

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Seriously mate, this is grand effort! Thanks for sharing and kuddo’s on the result!

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Thanks! I hope everything is still usable. If not, at least I got an event in with everything.

Thanks, Vince! I’m waiting for 3rd to start planning the next list. Should give me time to clean up my hobby room. It looks like a bomb went off in there right now. LoL

I can’t imagine that most of your army will be invalidated come 3rd. Maybe 3 hordes of skellies will be a little too much, but the first 2 hordes will definately be useful in some kind. The same for the revenant kings on great flying wyrms. I can immagine that 2 titans may be a little overkill in some armies, but I’d guess one will be useful at the very least.

That said, I guess that your army will probably still be legal, so adjustments will probably be only be very minor.
can’t wait for 3rd

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Most, if not all, should be good. This list doesn’t fit together well but it contains units I wanted for my overall collection. I have a lot of hordes so the next list will probably focus more on Troops and Regiments. I’m thinking Revenant cav, Werewolves, Zombies, and vampires.