VigoTheButch and Undead Friends

Don’t have a proper photography setup yet but I am going to use this thread to post a few pictures of my progress. I’m new to KoW so my collection is literally one 1995 list and the next 1995 list I am working on for a tournament next month.
Great Burrowing Wyrm, still needs a base and a Revenant rider:

Vampire on Elder Dragon (still working on it)

Some of my unfinished Ghoul hordes

Soul Reaver cav

Primed bases for the next list:


Excellent work- that’s going to look amazing.

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Very very nice. My favorite is the Ghouls. They really look like a pack of undead running through the woods hunting the living.


Some Balefire Catapults

Wraiths Regiments


Lots of great painting throughout, love the choices for the big beasties. Never thought to go trygon / mawloc for the burrowing wyrm!

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Great looking army!

Love the “They came from the woods!” look, works really nice, especially next to such lovely eye catching pieces with the bright colours on the ghosts.

Great job! Keep them coming!

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Thanks! I’m going for a haunted forest theme with the army. Trying to use multibasing for something that doesn’t quite translate if I was restricted to individual bases. The next list I am working on is going to have a lot of water effects and the like. I’m pretty excited about it!

Looks Great! I’ve been considering a Nightstalker army with the Nighthaunt model range. Ive been going back and forth how I wanted to do the Scarecrows, but anyway, these look amazing.

The Night Haunt models are super cool. They get some pretty bad gaps because they are press fits. And finding good spots to put a pin in for basing can be a challenge on a few. There’s just such a small amount of plastic at the bottom. Lack of legs/feet and all.

Amazing work.

Is it possible to give a quick run down on how you did the haunted wood bases? I was planning something similar for my night stalkers, and the look you’ve achieved is perfect.


Yes. Those trees are nice. Very fitting.

Thanks, Grub. Welcome to the forum!

The 2nd version of the bases (the primed ones) are more successful. Basically, you lay some cork down to build up the irregularities in the soil because forests are not flat. Then I glued the receiver bases for the Woodland Scenics plastic trees where I wanted them. Then I made a slurry of glue, rubbing alcohol, water, sawdust, potting soil, sand, tile grout, gesso, and clump foliage. That mixture was spread over the whole base and used to blend in the fallen logs (broken sticks from my yard) and the resin tree stumps I ordered from Green Stuff World. After that, prime it with rattle cans. Paint it how you like, sprinkle more potting soil on, and add a liberal amount of leaf litter. The Moss is ground up green tea from the dollar store.
This video gave me a lot of the concepts and got me started:
Good luck!


Awesome, thanks Vigo

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Awesome army! I love the bases, the trees are superb. I used Nighthaunts in my army of Undead too. I got to say though, my favourite unit of yours are the brilliant ghouls. So eerie, so full of character! That’s what multibasing is all about!


Thanks! I will post some better pictures once I finish the bases. They still need some more work. That’ll be after I finish my list in the next couple weeks.

I agree with the others. Great work!! The ghouls are very haunting!!!

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Ok, so I have about two and a half weeks to take this:

To a point where I have a chance at Best Painted at an upcoming tournament. I’m going to post my progress to help keep my motivation going. This is going to be a grind.


Not a lot of painting progress tonight but I got almost all the prep work done. Finished some model cleaning, got the riders situated and made a few design choices. Tomorrow should be productive because I can jump right in.

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Painted the Wights a couple times, not happy. Will probably spray over them again tomorrow. Going to go a totally different direction with them. The flying Wyrm Riders got converted to have banner sticks and I sculpted saddle backs on the regular Worm Riders. And got some paint on the Necromancer.

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Very keen to see how all these turn out!
Please keep the updates rolling!