Visibly Riley's Batreps

While I’ve known about this forum for a bit, I haven’t spent much time here. I’m looking to change that with including this as another place where I post my batreps when they’re fresh (of course, you could always subscribe to my channel to get those updates as well as increase my visibility to other Rileys who might be interested).


Here we are with another 3rd-ed batrep, but while basking in the glory that is my hopes for Diablo IV I just don’t know what to say about it. There are two armies, we play a scenario, and none of us threaten the gentle nature of the world for selfish gain. Well, those of us not being booed at baseball games that is…

Anyway, as always I hope you enjoy the report—even if new primal evils are stirring…

PS: Some of you may have seen the efforts of Dan Miner to get a GoFundMe for me going in order to attend the US Masters. I had a hard time swallowing my pride and accepting his gracious help as a dolly vacation ranks somehow behind 'merica’s excellent healthcare system, recouping from my car exploding (Seattle’s mass transit is a joke) this year, and of course buying more dollies to make my special dress-up time videos for all of you! But here I am, on my metaphorical knees, begging for change in order to experience the WONDER that is the US meta on a whole.
So, if you feel like basking in my glorious humility in person at the Masters this year, consider clicking the GoFundMe link below and dropping whatever cough drops and loose change you can afford. Know that I’ll be ever grateful even if unable to show how much.

Batrep link for 10-29-19:


Ain’t that the truth, good dark lords, that cinematic …

I appreciate your reports dude, thanks for keeping them up into 3E, and for popping into this forum. I’ll see about tossing some bucks your way for travel money, would be groovy to meet you in person at the big throwdown (I’ll be in the side tournament with the cool kids).

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