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Is there a market place on this forum?
Is it allowed in the rules?
Just asking, sorry if it’s mentioned elsewhere.

There is not. I have trouble seeing how well it would work since this is an international forum and marketplaces thrive when they are focused on a smaller area IMO (mainly because of postage reasons).
However, if many request it I could always make one.

That’s fair enough. I understand your concerns.

Still, if you want to buy/sell something, just make a general post and mention (roughly) geographical area. I have no problem sending stuff over to the UK, but sending it to Singapore might be a bit expensive.

Vince (Netherlands)

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Thanks Vince.
I was considering looking at a cheap second hand army, that I could use to get into the game, whilst I’m waiting to sort my own force out.
I’m UK based.

It could be divided by region? Like US/CA, EU, etc.?

Or the location mentioned on that level in the subject line

I have an old GW empire army laying around that I use to pilage models for my armies. The part that is painted is -ahem- not painted to high standards and there will be some damage here and there. These models can be used as any of the human armies. Iposted a blog post about this once.

Though I’m not sure of its current contents (its been in storage for some time) and if it’s viable to make a battle worthy force out of it, especially since the Kingdoms of Men, League of Rhordia and Brotherhood armies aren’t available. As I won’t be (re-)painting all these models anytime soon and I already own two human armies, I would be willing to part with these for cheap. It will need some hobying (especially multibasing) to make it battle-ready, though!

If you’re interested PM me, I’ll grab the army from storage and make a few pics.

Might you be willing to pay a little more, I also have another empire detachment that I bought as an addition to my armies and never used. This looks somewhat decently, but is nowhere a complete army. (2 infantry regiments, cavalry troop, 2 characters, gun)

Finally could go through my collection for all those “bought them once, will paint them one time” models which I could part with. I believe I do own another Reaper bones griffon unpainted which I could also add for the full € 8,50 purchase price. :wink:

I 'm pretty confident I can come up with at least 1,500 points alltogether, maybe even more.

As I posted above, you can have them at a fair price. The basic force does need some love, so I wouldn’t be comfortable asking more than a token price; the other compliments are in better shape (or unpainted completely) so I would want a price that’s closer to what I paid for it originally. fortunately, I bought most of it 2nd hand and it was already not that expensive when I got it.

Anyhow, it would be up to you to (re)paint the army in somewhat of a coherent force and to multibase all of it. For me, I would empty by miniatures-to-paint closet by quite a few models, with which I could justify the purchase of that Mantic new Phoenix.

Of course, shipping costs from the Netherlands to the UK would be completely yours.

That is a really generous offer, thanks vince.
But it’s human army I’m currently re basing. Besides there is the postage to the UK.
No worries. Thanks guys.

No worries, and have phun.

Maybe someone else can offer something? There’s bound to be enough guys who have one army too many.

Likewise, maybe someone might need the empire offer above once.

Last weekend I took some pictures as I’d be happy to clean out the closet a bit. That said, throwing out these old models is just one bridge too far, so I hope I can make someone happy with it.

There’s also a few more models I could find. If you’re interested, PM me.

I created a Marketplace category. You need to be Level 2 or above to see it. Basically only people who spend a certain amount of time on the forum. To stop people from joining just to try to sell stuff.

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What is level 2? Where can I see my level?

Not sure how it looks on your end. But you are a “member” aka trust level 2.

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