Warpath in 'epic' scale - Mantic community vote

Mantic asks for our opinion on Warpath in ‘epic’ scale. GW has announced to redo W40k Epic (as it seems) which would collide with Warpath in style and timing. Now they want to know what we think about it. Fire away in the forum and via the official community vote!


I’m a fan of the idea - firefight has 28mm covered up to battle scale. I always wanted to get into epic back in the day but this would have a cool mantic flavour too.

As for the options, i don’t think they’re would be enough support for the full release unfortunately, it does feel like the kickstarter approach is probably best for the company. I’m hoping I’m wrong though and it gets a big release!


I’ve always felt Kings of War would scale into ‘Epic’ with little fuss and my first impressions of the rules look like a solid foundation.
Would it have enough support though? Even if you disregard the initial surge in interest from GW, games such as Dropzone/Dropfleet, Warlordgames own Epic historicals and rumours Dystopian Wars will also have a 10mm game pose some serious competition.
Sure, I’d love a big release; even through crowdfunding, but a more modest release in resin may be a safer bet.
Sadly, a digital release would kill it for me. I own neither a mobile phone nor a tablet, have no ambition to own a 3d printer, and licensed merchants are a gamble with quality regarding STL’s. But hey, I understand I’m an extreme minority and I hope whatever they decide works in their favour


Me too! I would even go for multiple Kickstarters if each campaign would be covering the tooling of hard plastic core sprues for new pairs of factions.

I think either way the project moves forward they will be incorporating Vault stls as addons or upgrades to units after launch. My preference would always be for hard plastic in that scale, but additional stls are the best way to build out breadth of unit choices and I would just have to pick up higher quality resin.


As someone who loves 3d printing, hard plastic is absolutely the way to go for this scale.

Gluing tiny resin or metal pieces with superglue becomes problematic at small scale and the fragility of resin and lack of detail or roughness of metal causes issues. 3d prints work due to the lack of glue needed and no mould lines, but a completely digital game probably won’t attract a community to it.

It’ll be a big investment, but it can be done in the form of a single sprue per faction as per the old epic releases and dropzone commander sprues.

A good way to make it efficiently would be a universal vehicle sprue which includes:

  • Hornet
  • Lancer
  • Mule(s)
  • Strider(s)

And then have that sprue be usable for GCPS, Marauders, Plague, Rebs, Mazon Labs (Enforcers get Striders, Marauders don’t).

That covers 6 factions for vehicles which would then free up space on the main army sprues to cover more of the different unit types.


The draft rules looked pretty streamlined and workable - although I’ve not played any of the mantic sci-fi stuff before i do like a lot of the existing 28mm ranges.

For me to get buy in it would really need a hard plastic release - even if via KS rather than as resin or 3d print (but i do appreciate that the latter is popular for lots of people)

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A new interview is up on ‘ott’:

Quite the big announcement Matt makes at the end.

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I thought so, which is why I stopped there. I’m a terrible tease

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Terrible tease indeed, I almost screamed at the screen to ask further!:laughing:

my favourite part was before I hit record when I told Matt that Ronnie’s blog had gone up 20 mins earlier saying that they’re definitely doing it, and Matt hadn’t been told yet XD


sounds about right for Mantic :stuck_out_tongue:

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it’s what keeps me coming back for more

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So Matt already taking over “bad” habits from Ronni, :wink: