Washing resin miniatures

I understand resin minis can benefit from a dunk in soapy water before assembly.
But do you just put them in and leave them for a while or do you scrub them as well, with a toothbrush or similar?
I have done this once or twice but don’t know if I have worked them enough, as I often get issues with getting the basecoat to stick, bath or no bath.

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I wash most resin in warm soapy water (I just use a bit of normal dishwashing liquid) - bath them in it for a min or so and give them a scrub with a toothbrush too on all areas, even the annoying tiny bits! :smiley:

Then I rinse them off with cold water - make sure not to wash any tiny parts down the plughole!

It works for me - never had any issues doing this.

There are some newer resin versions from some manufacturers that state they do not need washing though… going to see if that is really true over the next few days :slight_smile:


i wash mine in the same way as Remy77077, and i’ve had trouble inthe past with grease resdue, but the newer Mantic resins are not greasy at all, but i give them a wash just to be sure


Make sure you don’t use water that’s HOT of course unless you want to bend any resin parts!

Although personally if I want to bend any resin parts I find it easier to use a hairdryer to warm up the parts I want to move, but I know others prefer to use hot water.


I’ve easier access to hot water than a hair drier(!) but otherwise agree with the above!