Washing resin, please help!

My Elven ships were next up for the workbench, I left the starter fleet box soaking in warm soapy water overnight, and when I took them out to start scrubbing them, this happened!?!

I have worked with resin models for years now and have never had anything like this happen before, was the Leafblade immersed too long, was the temperature off, did I use the wrong soap, how did this happen?

Some quick research on material safety data sheets and I found that some industrial resins are now incorporating cotton derivatives in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, is Mantic not using pre-shrunk resins?

Does anyone know how to fix this, or do I just wait and see if Halfling rules for Armada are released?


Suspicious date to post such things😉


Also, these ship cards are not waterproof even though waves are printed on the back!

Caveat Emptor :neutral_face: