Well of souls

in army book is states " when given an order , it may put …." does that mean as soon as order is given or within the order , can the WOS move then take the damage off , or could if take damage off then move and take more OR has it got to take damge straight away before anything esle wehn givn a order ?, the wording leave some interpretation which will be used dependant of if your usin gor facing the WOS .

thank you


it’s as soon as it’s given an order, so it doesn’t matter if that order is halt, or advance, or even a charge.

You give the WoS an order, take damage and restore on a friendly core unit within 9" and then do your movement if you have any

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I agree, I assume it’s after given an order but before you execute the order. Meaning you aren’t allowed to gain any tactical insight by your special effect to choose which order to give it.

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KoW is pretty good with the wording, so unless there is clear issue take the obvious one.

Had the ability kicked in after a Move order it would have stated it