What does the hobby activity look like near/with you atm?

I can only really speak for what I’m doing personally or see on the forum. What are your club/group/mates/fb working on?

I get the impression (from here) that people are revisiting existing KoW armies - due to the Clash updates - with some notable exceptions. This is certainly true in my case, and has definitely distracted me from Armada for the time being.

I wonder if the new Clash options have hit the uptake of Halflings and RFO, as people have tempting smaller projects to pick up? Again, with some exceptions (@Sceleris).

My plans to start to attending the local club regularly have also taken a hit, with the current variant/case numbers enough to put me off. Having ignored UB so far, perhaps it’s time to give it a go.


My existing armies will get some post-Clash attention once I’ve broken the back of the orcs/RFO :wink:

Notable things on the to-do list - Monarchs for 3 different style KoM armies along with beast cavalry for a couple and the Outlaws formation for one; Dogs of War variants as spin off units; more water/air elementals given the FoN/OotGL formations; some forest guard for SK. Want to add more horse raiders to varangur and need a couple more troops of zombies to do the undead formation.

I also need to have a look at the 2nd ed dwarf army to figure out what to do with it - its very mixed arms so really is split between free/regular.


@Sceleris My to-do list isn’t quite that long! The Monarch is one of my favourite updates - loads of potential.

I’ve got some Herd units to work on, but I’m really looking forward to moving onto some pure FoN, then possibly some Elf/SK blocks to pair up with the verdant options.

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My brother and I are currently knee deep in building our first armies. Nightstalkers vs Northern Alliance. Very kitchen table


My sons and I are also new to the game. Northern Alliance is built out, and we’re building out Abyssal Dwarfs and Undead right now. We’re a long way behind the rest of you who have been at it with minis for decades!

I’m not aware of players in our local area. Once we can get armies to play, we may invite others to join us in some test battles.


In our hometown there is only the GW store and a TT club playing GW games. :roll_eyes:
But I prefer playing at home anyways, always, ever since.
Allthough I like to tease husband with “I really need to look for other gaming ppl, if you are that unmotivated” :grinning:


Sounds like me and my brother. He likes the idea of the game, but hasn’t even looked through the rules book yet…

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Working though the major fantasy races will continue with me for at least another two years. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Too busy to play at all lately so it dampens the mood to adjust forces based on updates to the rules.

I’ll have to play a few games with the Irish contingent here when I can open a bit of time for myself.


Mostly hobbying, if at all. A seasonal game against a friend, that’s all. I wanted to join a local club (playing KoW) bit it’s either small children, work or Covid hindering me.


6 months after the last post but… there is one hobby store in town here and they do not sell mantic, just gw stuff and dnd stuff. Its just my 12yr old boy and me for now. Ive some nephews that used to play 40k so they might be interested. We’ll see.


Best of luck recruiting more players! Is there an active wargaming community where you are?

I moved to Kalgoorlie a year and a half ago and while there’s a decent number of wargamers, it’s all GW games (40k especially). There’s one guy who’s into Mantic- I’ve played Vanguard and Deadzone with him in the past, and last i checked he’s working on a Trident Realms army.

I think there’s potential to steer more players toward Mantic and KoW. But the biggest issue for me now is that i just don’t have the time for much in the way of gaming or hobby (long story short, I’ve got a baby to look after).

So i think there’s the potential to make things happen here, it just won’t be for a while!