What format is the Digital Rulebook?

Per subject, is the digital rulebook a PDF, like they’ve always been, or is it something else now? I don’t see the options like they used to have.

Just want to make sure all the basic search functions and what-not work.

PDF, searchable

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Yep, has a search function formating.

The front Index doesnt have direct links to that page for some reason. Extra step is needed to scroll to that page while it loads or one can type the page number. PDF page and book page are a few pages off due to insert pages. Not the end of the world. Still works fine. The color pages and effort of the book is very worth it. Having both is valuable to me.

I must admit however, I dont mind the idea of having a Table version for easy travel and rules use on the table. I’ll likely transition to a smaller hardcopy format. Big book stays at home.