What is a Gur Panther for?

It has very little armament, but it’s cheap I guess? If I take it, what should I be doing with it in combat?

small ships would mostly be used to add some firepower to larger ships, to try and prevent the enemy’s small ships from adding their firepower to their big ships, as well as for finishing off severely damaged or crippled enemy ships.

Gur Panther has a great SP to cost ratio. Add a Sturdy Construction on top of it, drop crew to unexperienced and you have a solid 38 Structure to cover your fleet from enemy fire. There’s nearly no chance that all enemy ships will have Veteran Crews, Crows Nests and pass skill tests to shoot at more important targets. You can just sail that Gur Panther, take hits and then repair all day long. Plus you can screen your fleet from enemy RAM attempts.
Weaponry is not always the most important factor.


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And btw, I used your water base tutorial for my Armada ships. Very nice stuff!

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This is what I was hoping someone would post! So they are basically chaff!

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