What is your favourite special rule?

Which one do you like the most? The one you look out for when picking units.

Mine is regenerate. Keeps you in the fight (if you can take a hit) and doesn’t get ignored like defense can.
If your unit gets out of a fight it can recover too, by itself.

Elite (in particular on 3+ to hit units) and vicious.

These rules migitate the effects of a fluff roll, so your attacks become so much more reliable.


Phalanx. Really helps reflect a spear wall formation effectiveness at blunting a cavalry charge.

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Nimble, especially on my speed 10 Fleabag Riders. “Weeeeeeeee!” around the table.


Strider, great for charging into combat through obstacles or terrain.

Brutal - who likes to lose a roll by 1 :grinning:

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Pathfinder. The number of times I’ve suffered for not having that rule :man_facepalming: