What is YOUR most hated/favourite unit in the game?

I always wondered: Am I the only one to absolutely hate Dwarfs`Berserker Brock Riders?
It is very difficult for me dealing with them and that is probably the main reason for my dislike :smiley:

My favourite unit on the other hand is the KoM Scouts. They are nimble, fast as hell, can shoot and all in all are a unit that always goes my oppenent`s nerves.

Now, what are your favourite/least favourite units in the game?
I am very sure, there is a dwarf out there, who loves his Brock Riders as much a s I love the scouts, there must be a reason for them to appear in almost every dwarf army I ever played against.

If this topic gets enough answers, it might be interesting to see how the favours change in the upcoming new edition :wink:

Brutox, I absolutely loathe that fist-pumping murder machine…

Favorite, probably the Stormwind Cavalry. They seem to be worth their points in every game and I like the conversions I have done to have two unique units of them

I hate Elven Archer hordes with piercing and then bane chanted.

My favorite unit is a mounted Red Goblin Big Git with Diadem. He is always my MVP.


I would run brocks just to have dwarfs on badgers, just the idea is awesome! So much nerve and attacks though, I get the frustration.

My favourite must be the TERROR! (so much more fun to say it IN A LOUD AND DRAMATIC VOICE!) that night-stalker thing is so tough and doesn’t care much about how much CS you hit it with. Plus I use a GW (I know, sorry) mutalith for it and that model is just so cool

Shout-out to abyssal imps, they always do more than you would expect (low expectations lead to pleasant surprises, I suppose). They have just enough nerve and attacks for their points to be rather good value.

On to my most hated: knuckers. Definitely knuckers.
Fast and nimble for getting into the worst places, plus tall enough to see things you’re trying to hide and corkscrew at them and harder to put down than you think. Ensnare and stealthy means you need to put work into killing the things, but they’re fast and nimble so actually attacking them is already a pain.

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Disliked units are probably kin chariot hordes - they just don’t really have a downside and crop up too much as allies or unlocks for multiple dragons. The LL characters Maggy & Baz are up there.

I’ve a soft spot for infantry, so heavy pike/dogs of war are ‘proper’ units; love devourers in Varangur and big giants are just fun

My favourite would be Reaper troops - they hit about as hard as an orc ax horde.

Least favourite would also be the brock riders, as one of the few units reapers struggle to kill.

Well… What a coincidence…

For Trident realms:
Fav unit is hard to pick, but yeah, Knuckers are right up there, precisely for the reasons @DarkBlack listed.
Always so satisfying when your opponent frets about a unit in your army that only has 6 attacks and no CS. It’s a unit that rewards smart play in such an incredible way, gotta love it!
But TR are blessed with so many good choices. I love the river guard (who doesn’t love murder frogs?), heartpiercers (the formation makes them stupidly good, I expect a nerve inbound) and off course the lovely Siren, so solves so many problems on her own! And naturally the Kraken, oh boy can that guy take a hit and keep on rolling!

For undead, fav unit:
Wraiths! Damn flying + surge + def6 is absolutely crazy!
But special shout out to Werewolves with brew of caterpillar, a flying pharaoh and Mummies, oh boy those guys just manage to get Shi*t done! Perhaps slowly, but they WILL get it done!

Most hated unit? Erhm that is a hard one, outside of spam lists I hardly ever feel that a specific unit is over powered.
Although I would probably go for the cliche, of the big expensive flying beasts. I know they are expensive, but I feel they don’t encourage smart/creative plays. This is naturally very subjective view, but I feel like they are tricky to play against, but often times very simple to run. I really like the flying monsters/characters that hit hard, but are rather fragile, because you kind off have to play careful with them. Where as these days there are these titan-flyers, that have high nerve, high defense and generally good CS. Which means they are generally okay vs almost anything.
Obviously this is counter acted by the fact that they cost a ton of points, so I wouldn’t say they are necessarily OP, it is just that they don’t invite/encourage smart plays, which I find rather disappointing on a flyer unit.

This one. Hate that one.

My favourite unit: Either zombie trolls or brotherhood vilein initiates. Both budget versions of their more expensive counterparts which do exactly (and no more) than their role.

FAVE: Ember Sprites! Such great chaff, so good at so many things for next to no points. Runner up is probably Agnih-Bhanu, that heat ray is so much fun to play with.

HATE: Varangur King on Chimera. That dude is so so so so good at killing, and so hard (for me) to drop. Any game where I can kill the King is a victory, even if the rest of the elite murder machines run roughshod through me. Runner up is absolutely Ba’su’su (3E plz nerf <3)

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Hated units
Basusu - he’s a bitch period
Kin chariot hordes, archer hordes with piercing cos auto take
Fav units
Dwarf Rangers - so versatile and a very unique unit (no other army has anything close). Plus speed 5 for dwarfs!
Brock Lord - Dude is a beast. Go to guy for killing dragons.
Elf Prince / Dark Avenger - cheap heroes are always fun running around disordering and generally being a pain in the butt for the opponent.
Kin Assassin - the whole idea of him is awesome.

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