What Rule Book do you prefer for the Price?

It seems Amazon lost my 2 player starter set, so I must order again to acquire a rule book. My projects are on hold, and it is frustrating. I Have Ogres and want to start a Nightstalker army, but I don’t know much about them just yet. This is an opportunity to assess which book I want to shell out for. Questions:

Do you find the Hardcover Rule Book is worth the additional pictures of painted units? Is it helpful it identifying them and inspiring for color schemes?

Are there any other differences – aside from the inclusion of story line of course.

Thanks, I am hoping to re-order tonight.

Haven’t had a loo kin the smaller version, but the big harback is a superb book IMO. Well worth it!

I have both, and they are both great IMO. If I had to choose, I would probably go for the softback from the starterset, because I wouldnt want to take the other one out when I go play somewhere… but I must admit I am not so much of a fluff interested person…

Hard back is a thing of beauty and the lore is great. It’s not so practical for lugging to games though.

If I had been given a choice, I would have bought the softcover in a heartbeat and then had it sliced and spiral bound, like all my 2E books. Unfortunately I was not given a choice, so hardback it was. Uncharted I’ll likely go digital - the book looks really nice, but given the nature of the army lists in there, especially the theme lists, I’m fine with a PDF.

thanks for the feedback everyone. I ended up with both, due to an amazon glitch! So one to go and one for home it is. This is helpful when showing new players a demo game.


Just picked up the digital Uncharted Empires - think its a steal for the price and even on a ropey mobile is easy to read.

Believe there are free PDF apps that you can get which will allow bookmarks, comments etc on the basic book.

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