What Rules for Slaves to Darkness

Hey all. I am a new convert to KoW. I bought the Vanguard book and I love it. The only army i have left on squares is my Slaves to Darkness Chaos force. I’d like to use them to get to know the rules of KoW and play some practice games. I am currently building an Undead army with Mantic mini’s.

Cam I use these guys in any form? Is there a similiar army or a set of rules to use StD in KoW?

Thank you!

Warriors of Chaos (aka S2D) are universally used as Varangur, a sub-faction of Northern Alliance. I’m sure Northern Alliance could work as well if there’s something in that list you need / you don’t have Chaos Knights.


Varangur is what you’re looking for.

Mantic made lists to accommodate Warhammer refugees and published them in Uncharted Empires.


Uncharted Empire won’t help, since he is talking about Vanguard :wink:
In the free warband PDF from the Mantic website you can get all the available warbands, including Varangur. I don’t really know what ‘Slaves to Darkness’ Chaos warriors include, but maybe Abyssals can work.