What the Herd?!

What is the Herd list supposed to be? Just a few entries, no centauers and a ranged unit, that get’s bonusses for a group action but is a support model, so you can’t pick more than one (usually)?
I was thinking about building one with spare models, but that list is just sad. If anyone at Mantic reads this, go and write some rules or get someone to do it! :wink:

are you looking at the full list?
It’s a theme list for Forces of Nature and contains two centaur units, melee and ranged, alongside thirty other entries

edit ah apologies, I just realised this was in Vanguard I was very baffled there for a while

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It’s a starter list, to get you by. Like the rest of the lists that didn’t have models at the time of creation. It’ll get the full list treatment eventually. Maybe.

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Yes, even more baffling that they never did the orc or elf list. I imagine that lots of players from other systems would like to use these lists but they are vey basic.

Sill hoping for a halfling list and a rift forged list, but not thinking it’s likely.

As an aside, Ronnie mentioned Vanguard at some point (I think in the price change video) and mentioned it was in a “mid-life lull” or words to that effect. I actually thought that was a hopeful sign as it shows they haven’t completely forgotten it!

I can assure you it’s not forgotten :slight_smile:


Good to hear!

I’m rather jealous of you rules committee types who have the inside scoop! It will be interesting to see which of the many possible directions the game goes!